Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Peach Phase

You've probably seen that I've purchased everything mint, lime and cobalt blue.  To keep up with all the colors I am excited about this season, I've purchased some peachy hued items.

From this post, you've seen the irresistable bracelet/leather wrap I purchased by Glint & Gleam.  In this photo, I'm also rocking the rose gold cable bracelet, also by Glint & Gleam.

I just joined the iPhone family a few months ago and it pained me to say that I love it.  I was an Android girl for a long time - sometimes I don't like change :P So I had this white case that was SUPER protective, but it bored me.  So being the Etsy addict that I am, I went looking for a cool new case.  I totally fell in love with the monogram pieces, but they could get really cheesy, really quickly.  So in browsing, I came accross To Guild the Lily. I love the color and print.  It's fun, not too loud and perfectly acceptable to carry around at a meeting.  I use my phone A LOT for work, so that was a very important aspect when choosing a phone cover.  This cover is clean, sleek and it's peach, gold and white - everything I love! Check out their Etsy store, there are so many amazing items!

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  1. Love this cover - perfect for Summer!

    Thanks for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx


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