Friday, May 17, 2013

Mommy Skills

Baby S got sick last week.  It is her first time being sick; thankfully, it was just a cough and cold.  But a sick baby means a sick mommy.  Baby S started getting sick around Tuesday last week.  This weekend, I started with the runny nose and cough :(

All this has led me to thinking about my new mommy skills.

1. Learn to eat with one hand, the left one.  Since having a baby, I've learned to hold the baby in one arm while grabbing bites of food with the other, hand that is. 

2. In conjuction with #1, learn to appreciate and enjoy a cold dinner and cold coffee. My little angel is usually really sweet when it comes to letting me cook and eat, but sometimes, she gets a little fussy and just wants to snuggle.  Now that she's reached the "swat at everything in sight" phase, it isn't practical for me to eat or drink when she's in my arms.

3. Learn to relax and take a nap, no matter what time of day it is.  This was a really hard thing for me to get in to, even until now, I stay up late doing things while the baby is asleep and then regret it when I'm exhausted in the morning.  When the baby goes down for the night or takes a morning nap, you should too!  Dishes and laundry can be dealt with later. 

4. The multiple uses of baby wipes.  Spilled something on your shirt? Baby wipes gets anything out, even coffee.  Need to wash your hands, but no sink or bathroom in sight? Baby wipes! Freshen up your make-up? Do a quick swipe with a baby wipe to freshen your face and remove make-up, then re-apply/touch-up. Spilled coffee on the center console of your car? Baby wipes!  I spill a lot of stuff, don't I?

5. Savor every moment. I've always had this overwhelming need to do everything and handle everything.  When I first had my daughter, I felt that I need to keep up with my pre-baby lifestyle and tasks as well as care for a newborn.  The sooner you learn to slow down, the more joy it will be.

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  1. I still haven't learned to nap when my daughter naps. I know the chores can wait but I just never seem to force myself to nap lol & I agree that baby wipes can clean up anything & everything lol. I was just telling my mom that the other day lol.

    ~ Osh


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