Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Leopard & Baubles

So since I've been spending much of my money on the new house, I've been shopping my closet a lot to mix up old and new pieces.  Some items, like these shoes, have never even been worn!

Waking up a little lazy from the long weekend, I had to pull something together pretty quick this morning.  When I'm feeling kind of "blah", I like to wear something loud and bright.  It's a psychological trick I play on myself to make me feel more awake and upbeat.  Does it work? I think so!

So now that I have the canvas of a plain top and black slacks, let's spice things up!  I threw on this statement necklace that I got from F21 some time ago and never wore.  Again, feeling lazy this morning, it really made me feel more put together and ready for my day.  I didn't want to go with plain black or nude pumps so I scanned all the shoe boxes hoping to find something different.  What?  Leopard pumps?  Sweet!  What more could I ask for when trying to spice up a boring outfit?!

I've corresponded with a few bloggers about how to step up your mommy style.  The addition of a little one definitely changes your budget and how much time you have to get ready.  One of my all-time rules is to buy a few staples that you can mix and match.  You can always get inexpensive accessories to switch it up a bit.

Now, let's enjoy this short work week shall we?

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