Thursday, May 16, 2013

Container Gardening

So in my Cara Box reveal (here), I shared that I was going to try to do some container gardening. I've been doing a lot of research and read some books on the subject and I can't tell you how excited I for this!  Above are a couple of the books that I really loved and a picture of my seed starters for sunflowers and poppys.  I'm growing veggies too, but the planters were too big to photograph with the books.  Don't worry, you will get to see them! 

So why do I want to do this? Besides the fact that it would be a great project/hobby for me that will let me be home with the baby, it's a little step that I can take to minimize my carbon footprint and be a little more ecofriendly.  I am realistic; I know I'm not going to harvest crops to feed my family.  But if I can grow 4 carrots to add to a single meal for my husband then that's 4 less carrots I need to buy, 4 less carrots that traveled miles and miles to get to my fridge and 4 little carrots that bring happiness to me. 

Since becoming a mother, I've become much more conscious of things that I put on and in my body.  I've also become more conscious of the impact I have on the world that my daughter will grow up in.  I am one person and my little life decisions aren't going to change the world, but I am one more person helping to make a difference.

I'm so excited to share my progress with all of you!  If you have any tips or ideas, I would love to hear them!

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