Monday, April 1, 2013

A Look at Easter and No Eating Out in April

I hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend!  Mine consisted of cleaning and packing on Saturday and some family time on Sunday.  I just had to share the sweetest pictures of my little Easter Bunny.  She actually didn't mind the ears one bit and she was so adorable, if I do say so myself.

So it's April does time fly!  Actually, for me, right now, it hasn't.  HoneyB and I have spent about 8 months looking for a home and we finally found one and will be moving in this week.  Words cannot even describe how excited, relieved, happy, etc. I am!  The two things I am most excited about is cooking an cleaning.  Crazy right?!?!  Maybe it's just me, but I really took for granted being able to clean my home and cook for HoneyB and myself.  Whenever I'm stressed, feeling down, bored or have had some wine ;) I clean or cook.  Since we didn't have our own place, I couldn't do any of that.  Not to mention, I've lived on my own for a VERY long time, so it was another huge adjustments for me. 

Let me tell you, not being able to cook a meal S-U-C-K-S!  We pretty much ate whatever was prepared for us (which was not bad by any means) or we ate out, which means we spent a pretty penny on food ($7 for a mediocre salad, anyone?) The food that was prepared at home was great, but it was just not what HoneyB and I are used to eating.  HoneyB and I eat very simple, clean and healthy.  Sure we have our splurge days, but a typical dinner usually consists of lean protein grilled or baked, veggies and brown rice.  This was definitely not what we have been in eating in the last 8 months.  And I can truly say, with all my heart, that I now know first hand how diet can affect your body and how you feel. 

So let me end my rambling and say that I am going to spend April soaking up the fact that I CAN cook whatever and whenever I want by not eating out in April.  HoneyB and I are going to eat a healthy home cooked meal every night in April and I will be brown-bagging it for lunch.

I've read up on blogs about meal planning, etc. so I really think I can do this.  Plus, it'll be a new challenge - new mommy, new wifey, working full-time, cooking and keeping up a home.  Easy peasy, right :P I can't wait to share all my healthy recipes with all of you!

If you have any recipes or meal planning tips, I would love to hear them!


  1. Hi Rikki, I`m visiting from the link up today :)
    It's funny how building a home does make it kinda exciting to cook and clean! Having a goal to cook every night is really ambitious but I bet by the end of it, you`ll feel so proud, not to mention saving money!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  2. Congrats on finding a new home! For April I decided I'm giving up sweets! Time to get healthy for summer LOL


  3. Hooray for a new home! That's so very exciting!! Your LO is adorable, ears and all. Enjoy whipping up family meals and decorating your home. I so know what you mean about diet and mood. Healthy eating works for the mind not just the body!

  4. What a doll! So glad to meet you through style sessions:)


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