Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mommy Must Haves

When I was pregnant and looking at items to register for, it was a bit overwhelming because I didn't know what I would really want vs. need.  Now that my little munchkin is a little over 3 months old, I thought I would share my favorite items right now.

1 & 2.  The only diapers and wipes I use now are from the Pampers Sensitive line.  I was able to try many different brands from the ones that were given to us from the baby shower.  Unfortunately, every other diaper and wipes irritated baby's skin.  I even tried the Huggie's Pure & Natural line, but it wasn't the same. 

3.  My favorite bottle right now is the Avent Natural Flow bottle.  Because I had to supplement with formula, this bottle made it very...and I mean VERY easy to switch back and forth from bottle to breastfeeding.  My little one didn't have a hard time going back to breastfeeding, which can happen when you introduce a bottle or pacifier too early while breastfeeding.

4.  Another great bottle is the Dr. Brown's Wide-Neck bottle.  This bottle also made it very easy to switch between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding.  When we first started supplementing with formula, it seemed to give our baby a little gas problem.  After switching her to the Dr. Brown's bottle, it definitely helped with the gas.  Our little munchkin doesn't have much of a gas issue now, so we use both the Avent and Dr. Brown's bottles.  The Dr. Brown's bottles do require a little more cleaning because of the extra parts; you need a special little brush to clean them.  I don't mind the two extra parts, but for some parents, I've heard that it can be quite a hassle.

5.  When I went to the store to buy more forumula, I noticed that they actually made a formula specifically for babies with sensitivity.  So we switched to the sensitivity formula and it virtually got rid of baby's gas.

6.  I thought that having a changing table was more of a "nice to have" item, so I didn't register for one.  After a few weeks of being home with the baby, my back was killing me from bending over to change her diaper ever couple of hours.  So, for Christmas we asked for a changing pad that we can just put over her dresser.  It made a world of a difference!  No more back aches and it is so much better for both baby and mommy to change her on the changing pad.  I prefer the contour pads because she can't really roll around on it.  But please, please, please remember not to leave the baby on the changing pad, contoured or not.

7.  We purchased the Britax B-Ready travel system: infant carseat, bassinet and stroller.  I loved that the infant carseat and bassinet can be attached to the stoller.  On those cranky afternoons, I would take the baby for a walk in the bassinet.  She would fall asleep and I wouldn't have to wake her when we got home.  It was definitely a life-saver.  The bassinet was more of a "nice to have" item because she is 3 months old now and just fits perfectly inside it.  So it's not an item that you will be using for an extended period of time.  We wanted a stroller that would give the baby a smooth ride, without feeling all the bumps, easy to navigate and easy to open and close.  This stroller gave us everything we wanted.  It also comes with a seat for when the baby gets bigger.  When you have a second child, you can purchase an attachment so that both the "big kid" seat and the infant carseat can both attach to the stroller.

8. An infant activity gym is a must.  We got the Fisher Price Precious Planet Activity Gym.  It encouraged her hand-eye coordination as she learned to swat at the hanging toys.  Now that she is able to lift herself on her forearms, she can look at all the bright colors on the mat.  When she was a newborn, she was amazed by all the bright colors.  It definitely helped to put her in the gym when I needed to clear up around the room. 

9.  The Fisher Price Sugar Plum Cradle 'n' Swing is a great investment.  I like that it plugs into the wall so you don't have to mess with batteries.  The lights, mobile and rocking motion definitely sooth a fussy baby.  Sometimes, our little cheekies won't take naps during the day.  As soon as we lay her down, she wakes up 20 minutes later.  If she absolutely refuses to nap, we'll put her in the swing and it never fails to to rock her to sleep.  It's also very convenient when I have to do something, like cook or clean.

I hope this helps any mommy out there :)  What other items would be great to have?


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