Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

It's only Wednesday?!  It's been so crazy at work lately, I need the weekend to!

 I'm still struggling with this whole working mom thing.  How could you leave that face? It's getting a little easier to leave in the mornings (I don't burst into tears anymore or have an overwheling feeling of guilt, just moderate now, haha). Yesterday, I worked about 11 hours and came home around 8 p.m.  Driving home, I was kind of sad thinking that little miss Soph would be asleep by the time I got home.  Thankfully, she wasn't :) I still got to do our bedtime routine and I think we might have found a new thing to add!  HoneyB and I were on both sides of her and kissed her cheeks at the same time, while making the smaking/kissing noise.  Our little babe started cracking up!  It was the sweetest sound and we couldn't stop doing it! It absolutely melted my heart and gave me the most undescribable happiness I could never have imagined!
So here's what's getting me through Hump Day:
This morning, I slept in as long as I could...soaking up every precious minute in bed.  I sauntered to the bathroom to start getting ready.  What do I see peeking out of my bag?  A small package envelope?  What did I order?  Yes, I know, it is so horrible that I don't even remember what I buy online anymore.  I open the package and found the perfect pick-me-up for today! This scarft from ShopLately has the perfect pop of pink to brighten up any day.

 Scarf:  ShopLately Love Hot Leaopard Scarf (here)
White Tee:  American Apparel (here)
Black Denim:  Old Navy (on sale for $19.00 here)
Zip Back Flats:  Cathy Jean (here)

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